Book Review: You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen


3.5 disco balls

Published: March 3, 2020 by St. Martin’s Press
Category: Thriller, Suspense

This dynamic duo’s novel The Wife Between Us was one of the first physical arcs I received when I started my account two years ago. I LOVED it – as well as An Anonymous Girl – so I was pumped to get a copy of their latest suspense read: You Are Not Alone.

Thriller fans rejoice. My poor anxious heart couldn’t bear what was happening with Shay: I wanted to yell at her many, many times.


“There’s also a stat I’ve thought about a lot lately: that the average person will walk past sixteen killers in the person’s lifetime.
I watch as a woman moves down the subway aisle.
I keep staring at her as she passes my seat. I wonder if she will walk past fifteen others during her lifetime.”


Shay loves data and stats, they’re her “friends” which makes her rather lonely and awkward. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnessed something that will knock her off her axis (as if she wasn’t already a bit unbalanced). Cue in this cult like group of women who will become Shay’s friends: they are invested in making Shay “one of them.” Is this a Clueless makeover arrangement or something sinister?

Once the story started picking up steam I got more and more nervous.

At the end of each chapter I had to take a break; holding my breath for that long is hard and I needed time to get my pulse back to normal. 

It didn’t have that must keep reading, page turning vibe that The Wife Between Us had for me, but it was a solid thriller with some nice twists. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to the kind folks at St. Martin’s Press who sent me a copy of this book!


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You Are Not Alone Greer Hendricks Author

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