Rating Scale & Review Policy

My Disco Ball Rating Scale

1_DiscoBalls  =   Yikes, probably DNF

2_DiscoBalls  =   I put off a Netflix binge for this? Sigh. One, or more, of these: poorly written, hard to follow, not a fan of the storyline.

3_DiscoBalls  =   It was okay or enjoyable enough, recommend getting from the library or borrowing from a friend

4_DiscoBalls  =   You should own this book, you will most certainly want to read it again

5_DiscoBalls  =   Same as 4 + it will sit on your ‘favorites’ shelf. Come on, you know your books are organized in cliques.  😉

* Sometimes I can’t decide between ratings and will use 1/2 disco balls *

Review Policy

Saturday Nite Reader is open to receiving review requests from publishers, PR firms and requesting authors. A physical copy (hardcover or paperback) is our preferred format, but we will gladly accept e-ARC copies as well. All opinions are my own. I may feature a guest blogger from time to time. You can rest assured that I will not sell your arc: I know it was solely given to me for review purposes and I respect that relationship. I may provide an arc to another reader (i.e. through a giveaway or book fairy book drop), but if you are not comfortable with that just let me know.

My favorite genres to read and review are Fiction (Contemporary), Historical Fiction, Suspense/Thriller/Mystery, Romance/Rom-Com, and Young Adult. I am open to exploring new genres if the book synopsis grabs me. But, I am not open to Erotica, Poetry, Graphic Novels, Religion, or Paranormal.

Saturday Nite Reader is available for blog tours, book release campaigns, blog interviews (authors, publishers, narrators), and other fun bookish events. Just send me a note with what you need and I will let you know if I can be of assistance.

Send review requests through my Contact Page and be sure to include:

  • Book Details (Title, Author, Genre, Synopsis)
  • Publication date
  • Any guidelines that come along with reading the arc (i.e. what cannot be shared prior to publishing date, or timeline on when reviews can be posted, etc.)
  • Social media hashtags to be used
  • Any other information you feel may be useful for me to have

I wish I could agree to all requests, but I only have so much time in a day! I do most of my reading during my commute to and from work, a few hours at night, and most weekends. My current reading pace is 2 books a week. I do my best to turn around reviews in a timely fashion, and am honest about where your request will be in my queue. I cannot agree to all requests, and will try to get back to all inquiries in a timely fashion.

10 thoughts on “Rating Scale & Review Policy

  1. Love it! I still don’t have a “policy” in place. Lazy bloggers LOL Each book kinda gets rated on it’s on I don’t have a comparison scale. Unless it’s 5 stars …. that means I wanna have you book baby! HAHHAHAHA

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