Talk to Me Tuesdays (Yes, I know its Thursday)

I forgot this Tuesday to post my 2nd ‘Talk to Me Tuesday’ topic. I was just so excited to share my The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas review that it skipped my mind. I can’t say it won’t happen again, but I will try and remember correctly for next time.

Today’s topic: Book Covers

Are you a judger of book covers? (How horrible does that sound? Not very nice, but as long as you only judge actual book covers and not people, you should be ok.)

Similar to selecting a new bottle of wine: labels, covers, what have you, are important in my decision making process. I will more than likely read a book synopsis if the cover is intriguing, and pass if its too boring/vague/cluttered, I could go on.

Below are some of my favorite covers of books I have read, or that are on my TBR list. Whether I liked the book or not, you have to admit they are pretty, pretty:


Are you a book cover “judger?” (Remember: a nice one, not a mean one) What are some of your favorite book covers, regardless of how you rated the book?