Book Review: Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez

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Published: April 19, 2022 by Forever
Category: Romantic Comedy, Womens Fiction


It’s finally here: the day Abby’s best book to date is released into the wild. I have loved each and every book of hers, Part of Your World just edges out ahead of the rest.

What to expect: witty banter, and more witty banter, butterflies in your stomach feeling chemistry, and the yearn for small town living so you can be woo’ed by the oh so good looking, charming mayor too.

Life can be complicated and messy. Abby’s characters have a realness to them; they are complex and raw. Abby has a knack for the use of humor when it’s needed. You can ugly laugh and ugly cry at the same time.

Quick book synopsis: Alexis is a doctor from a prestigious family of doctors, a few years from 40, and newly single. Settling for her city life, she is thrown for a loop when she has one of the most creative meet-cutes you’ll probably read to date. Daniel is close to 30 and shouldn’t be so irresistible to Alexis – he’s just a boy, not even a city boy at that. Well, like the song goes: “Looking around here you’d think, Sure, she’s got everything…But who cares?, No big deal, I want more” Will Alexis be able to break free from the hold of her family’s expectations? Will Daniel be able to handle the pressure of fitting in/keeping up with Alexis life? Are they just both the right people but at the wrong time/wrong place?


Side bar: as I was brainstorming what I wanted to write, I thought I’d find who I thought would play the leads. Then the light bulb turned on…for starters you cannot read the title without at least thinking of belting out The Little Mermaid’s Part of Your World. I didn’t even put two and two together when I thought the lead, Alexis, would totally look like an Ariel. And then it dawned on me when I was trying to think of who Daniel would look like…umm an outdoorsy Eric. Not sure if this was on purpose but I have “duh” face right now.

Check out Abby Jimenez’s other three gems: The Friend Zone, The Happy Ever After Playlist, Life’s Too Short (you can see from my review that Part of Your World has beaten out a previous top read for me…they are that good!) I am a lover of rom-com, and am such a mood reader…I am never disappointed when I pick up an Abby book.

Thank you Forever Pub for the advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review


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