Talk to Me Tuesday: Buying Books

I am always looking for new places to purchase books. My go-to is Amazon (for its convenience) and I recently signed up for a Barnes & Noble Membership (thanks in part to birthday and Christmas gift cards!).

If I can check out a local bookstore I will, but often times they are much more expensive. I love going to my local used bookstore, its like hunting for buried treasure but I know I may not always find what I am looking for.

Regarding book subscriptions: I joined Book of the Month, and love it. I tried PageHabit once and was disappointed that $30 only got me a paperback – not cool.

What book subscriptions do you do? Where do you go to buy books? What am I missing that I should check out?

side note: This is my 1st blog post written from my phone – look at me! 😉

11 thoughts on “Talk to Me Tuesday: Buying Books

  1. I recently discovered The prices are really low and can’t be beat by any other source really, however, they are typically a bargain copy meaning they have a black sharpie mark on the pages. That doesn’t bother me when I am paying $3 for a book, but I know some aren’t okay with that. Be warned…it’s highly addicting to purchase books from there.

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  2. I too try bookhabit, And I felt that it was not worth $30 even with the free book I got. Have you read Handmaid’s tale, I have the same copy, it’s been bookmarked and on my shelf for about 6 months, I can seem to get into very much. But it’s one I’m determined to finish.

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      • I haven’t seen the series yet, but I’ve only heard great things about it. Hopefully I’ll finish the book up. I hope you enjoy it.

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