Book Review: Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson


4.5 disco balls

Published: June 1, 2018 by Lake Union Publishing
Category: Fiction, Chick-lit

I love music just as much as I love books and every Saturday share my Top 5 Saturday Nite Jams in my Instagram stories. This week’s post I thought I would review my latest book club read: Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson and dedicate my weekly jam list to the book. After my review you can check out which 5 songs I would pick to describe this book. Enjoy!

This darling of a book was exactly what I needed to round out the majority of heavy reads I completed this month. It was simply delightful: filled with a humor and that butterflies in your stomach feeling. If this book was a living thing I would want to hug it (and if you know me, I hate hugs).

Simple, sweet Marnie is engaged to spontaneous, charismatic Noah. She meets his eccentric aunt – Blix – at a holiday party his family throws every year. I might add this is the first time she would meet his family and does not live up to their snooty standards. Blix is instantly drawn to Marnie, and feels more connected to Marnie than anyone she has ever encountered. Blix happens to be a matchmaker and sees similar abilities in Marnie before Marnie even realizes it.

Noah and Marnie’s marriage will only last two weeks – for the award of shortest marriage do they beat Kim K. and…oh dear I don’t remember his name – so it will be shocking to learn that Blix left her home in Brooklyn to Marnie after she passed. And the rest, well you will have to read for yourself.

Oh, there is a little bit of magic. Not potions and the like, but more of a feeling: the magic of believing and giving hope to the “hopeless.”

“Whatever happens, love that.” – Blix

Now if I could summarize this book in 5 songs, they would be:

Have fun jamming out to these tunes!

Have you read this one? What book(s) make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Do tell!


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