Books I Couldn’t Finish so far this year

I am always talking about books I loved, but never the ones I picked up but just couldn’t bring myself to finish. In the past that list was non-existent as I finished most books I started even if I disliked them. This year I made a conscious effort to spend my reading time only with books I truly enjoy: so my DNF (did not finish) list has grown tremendously from years past.

It doesn’t mean these books were terrible, it just means I didn’t jive with them or was ready to put it down before finishing. Because no book is for everyone I will share why I DNF’d but also share a rave review, and you can make up your own mind:Read More »

Talk to Me: Do Not Finish (DNF) Books

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So, the other day I was reading a book that I won on Goodreads. There was not much in the synopsis but enough for me to believe it was a romance of some sort between an employee and her forbidden boss (he’s rich and powerful and he pursues her – you know the drill). Well, I got a whole heck of a lot more than that (lets just say it made 50 Shades seem PG-13). At the 27% I knew I didn’t like this book and wanted to put down. But, since I won it in a giveaway I thought I should at least get to 50% so I can give a rating and move on.

Move on? I always tell myself I want to do that but then I get to the 50% mark and say “I already came this far, try and finish the book…”Read More »

Book Review: Lie With Me by Sabine Durrant



1.5 disco balls

Published: June 2, 2016 by Mulholland Books
The additional .5 disco ball was because I actually finished it

Yikes. Reading this was like going to the dentist: Painful. Just opening my kindle to keep reading was like pulling teeth. I questioned categorizing it as a DNF (do not finish) more than a few times, but since I got it from NetGalley I felt like I needed to try and finish: it took me a week. A week of reading I cannot get back.Read More »