Can you guess what book I wrapped for this year’s holiday book drop?

The Book Fairies’ Holiday Book Drop event is upon us! On either, or both, weekends of December 16 – 17 & December 23 – 24, book fairies around the world will be hiding wrapped books in public places for lucky readers to find. They even have their own special wrapping paper for sale, and shipping is free!

I got my wrapping paper delivered in less than 1 week from purchasing, and have got my book all ready to go. Can you guess what book I have wrapped up this year? Hint: It is a paperback for a book I have recently read

!  If you guess correctly, you will be awarded 10 extra entries in my current book giveaway. One guess per person. !

Who is a book fairy? It can be anyone – it can be you! Learn more about them here.



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