Talk to Me Tuesday: Book Formats

Book Type

What type of book format do you prefer? And, if you prefer an ebook which one?: Kindle, Nook, Amazon Fire, etc.

I collect hardcover books. I’ve been collecting them for my future library in my dream lake house. I am working on making this dream my reality, so I guess it’s not a dream but more of a do.

Cue in a cheesy movie reference: If I think it, it will come.
Cue in a motivational quote: Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.
Ok, I can’t promise I will never ramble on again, but for the sake of this post I will stop.

My 2nd book format preference is an ebook on my Amazon Fire. I sometimes will buy the Kindle version first and if I absolutely love a book I will hunt down a used hardcover to add to my collection. It’s quite fun visiting used book stores in hopes of finding a hidden treasure.

What about you? Book format preference? Book dreams? Dreams in general? Do tell…

16 thoughts on “Talk to Me Tuesday: Book Formats

  1. Personally, I prefer paperback. My second choice is ebook on my Kindle Oasis, though (like you!) if I really loved a book I have an ebook of, I’ll go buy a paper copy of that book. Ebooks sure take up less space, but it’s harder to browse through reading blurbs on the back to decide what I want to read. On the plus side for ebooks though, if I already know which one I want to read it’s much easier to do a search on the author or title than to wade through my mountains of physical books to find one particular one I’m looking for!!

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  2. I’m really fond of paperbacks- though hardbacks look much better on the shelf- I tend to carry my books to work at lunchtime, and so the lighter they are the better… I’ve lost my previous Kindle at airport security, so I haven’t read an ebook since then…but I’m getting a new Kindle for Christmas this year, so that’s probably going to change!


  3. If I have a choice and price isn’t an issue, I would pick hardcover. 1) You can’t break the spine. 2) It’s a lot harder to damage the actual cover. 3) You can take the dust jacket off while reading so it still looks brand new when you’re done. Though, paperbacks are usually cheaper and are usually my go to. I can’t really do e-books myself as I like having them on my library and being able to actually browse and observe them. And I really don’t prefer audiobooks. I lose focus too often and end up missing half the story and I don’t really have a good time during the day to listen to them (because I can’t JUST listen to audiobooks. I have to be doing something else, too. :p )

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  4. I once said that I would never give up paper books but now I am 100% Kindle (I have a Kindle fire but mostly use the Kindle app on another tablet) for reading and Audible for listening. with my tablet I can take 1000’s books wherever I go.

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  5. For me it’s paperback books as they are smaller and lighter to carry around. I’ve also really gotten into audiobooks as they are great time killers on my morning drive

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  6. It really depends. I like paperback books, hardcover I find too heavy to carry around with me. However, I also like Amazon Kindle ebooks as I can put my Kindle in my handbag and carry it with me and have access to 1000’s of books whenever I want. – mixed bag really.

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  7. Great post, I love both paperbacks and hardcovers but I think I love hardcovers more. I also love e-book of amazon for my kindle fire, I have a huge collections of e-books already on my kindle fire. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post!

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