Talk to Me Tuesday: the TBR list

How do you select the order of your TBR (to-be-read) list?

I go into each month selecting the books I want to read and the order in which I read them just comes as I complete the first one – as if I am winging it but still organized enough to know which books I will read. All I know is each month I read:

  1. My monthly book club selection
  2. My Book of the Month Club subscription selection
  3. One NetGalley arc
  4. One Audiobook
  5.  through 8. (trying for 8 – 9 books per month) are somewhat random and picked based on other bloggers reviews and trending Goodreads reviews

If I want to hit my goal of 100 books this year, I figured I need to pad my TBR list early so I am not stalling and can pick my next read pretty quickly.

How do you organize your reading selections? What are the next 3 reads on your list?…asking for a friend’s TBR list 😉

17 thoughts on “Talk to Me Tuesday: the TBR list

  1. If I have requests with deadlines I read those first. Then I read in the order I got the book. However, there are days when I just want to read for escape and then I go for the ones with hot guys.

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  2. Unless I have requests from authors, I pick at random and see what jumps out at me. Right now I’m trying not to buy any new books. I’m going to read everything I already have on my shelves.

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  3. I look at NetGalley and see what I have coming up. I “try” to stay ahead of publication dates, although it doesn’t always happen. I also joined some challenges this year so I’m selecting books for those. I usual pick about six books to read a month.

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  4. My deadlines are first, then library books before they are due back, then I work on my few lists I have going on this year. Finally, just random books that I want to read. My eyes are always bigger than my ability to read. I have a list in my planner of books (and dates if applicable) and I just go down the list. I have always added something else to the list before I finish what is on it.

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  5. I am hardly what you would call organized when it come to my TBR list. I actually stay away quaking in fear. I swear my TBR shelf is alive and just waiting until it can get me when then it will strike. It is out to get me. Good thing I am one step ahead and know its evil plan. Lol. My goal this year is two hundred book. I tend to read/listen to audiobooks. I am very selective with the audiobooks I listen to. I have to like how the narrator sounds. Another thing that drives my reading habits is the fact that I am mood reader. I have to be in the mood for the type of book I am reading. For example, right now I am in the MC kick. Every book I am reading or listening to has to do with an MC. I have read maybe four book this month that have to do with an MC. I am always though on a mermaid kick. I could read about them anytime of the year. Luckily though all the books I have to read for review don’t have any deadlines as they are already out. Well, all expect one. That one I have to read by the end of this month.

    Sorry, this post is so long.

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    • Mood totally determines my choices too! If Inread a few serious books I need like a month off to only read rom-coms and romance or whatever is lighter. When reading others reviews I see my TBR growing and growing…if only I could read all day! I hear you on the audiobook front. I am still trying to get into them, I find I can only really engage with them when I am driving.

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      • I started out with audios really early in life. You could not get me to read a child. I have found if you find one narrator it really helps get into them. I get the whole driving thing. I have a ten minute drive to and from work so I listen there. While I am filing at work. That takes me about an hour and half.

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  6. I pick my books out ahead of time and in the order that I want to read them. But sometimes have to adapt my schedule to new review requests and everything else in between. Other than that, I stay fairly organized when it comes to selecting books off of my TBR list.

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