Book Review: The Copenhagen Affair by Amulya Malladi



3.5 disco balls

Published: September 26, 2017 by Lake Union Publishing
Purchase: Amazon (kindleunlimited eligible), Barnes & Noble
Category: Fiction, Contemporary

How pretty is this cover? It was what caught my eye while browsing NetGalley for a read.

Sanya has been married twenty years, has a successful career, and a life many people are envy of. It is not enough in the eyes of her family, and she is not enough to keep her career driven husband fully engaged. She suffers what she calls an “implosion” and has been battling to bring herself back; but, she soon realizes she is not the same person and will spend her time trying to figure out what person she actually wants to “bring back.”

Her husband, Harry, suggests a move to Copenhagen with his job in hopes the move will be the change she needs to get back to ‘normal.’ She meets a few couples that are business contacts of Harry’s and will find herself developing feelings for one of them.

The story tells of Sanya’s journey to self as well as what other’s would do to keep the life they are comfortable in, safe.

The story had a great start. I was fully engaged and thought it was very different from books I had been reading. I felt it was honest and real in its portrayal of one suffering from depression and anxiety. I could not wait to see what happened in the end for Sanya. With that being said, I was disappointed in the ending. It was not necessarily a twist, but the direction it took just seemed way off base for me and the dialogue seemed a bit unrealistic. It just surprised me that’s all (but, isn’t that the point of stories sometimes?)

While taking a pause in writing my review, I had a chance to think about the ending more: I can see how it was not so far fetched and actually made sense given the character’s emotional journey, but I still feel it lacked.

It was a worthwhile read and I enjoyed how the author brought her characters to life. It was also very descriptive of Copenhagen itself, and I often felt as if I was there too.

If you also read this book tell us what you thought!


I received an arc of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.


14 thoughts on “Book Review: The Copenhagen Affair by Amulya Malladi

  1. I like the cover, is different. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the ending, I don’t like when that happens. It feels like you’ve invested all this time in the story but get letdown at the end.

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  2. Great review, sorry that ending disappointed you. But it does look and sounds like a great and very intriguing book. I hope your next read is less disappointing than this one. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

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  3. I’ve read several books where the ending made no sense at first, but then I thought about it and kinda changed my mind. Sometimes I wonder if that is what the author had in mind.

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