Talk to Me: Reading Habits

Of course I can read just about anywhere (commuting, waiting on line, in waiting rooms) but if I am being honest I am most comfortable reading when I am at home in my pajamas. I need pjs, fuzzy socks, a blanket, and my cuddly pug Bailey next to me to really be in reading mode. Lounging in jeans: nope, not comfortable enough. Leggings or sweatpants please: a bonus if they are a cute pattern.

The minute I get home from work the first thing I do is change into comfortable clothes. Like I said, lounging in jeans or work pants: no thank you! The thought of it is sending shivers throughout my body. I am suddenly feeling itchy! 😫 I know, sounds weird, but I am all about comfort.

I noticed I have a bookstagram photo of me on my couch reading and I was wearing jeans !?!?! I am not sure what was wrong with me that day. I must not have been feeling like myself (I would never actively choose to lounge in jeans!). πŸ˜‚

Question: What are your reading habits? Whether its reading with the music blasting, TV on, or the need for total silence. What is something we don’t know about your reading habits or style?

This isn’t really Bailey, but you can be sure that his favorite thing to do is sleep 23hrs a day!

22 thoughts on “Talk to Me: Reading Habits

  1. I prefer reading in bed, as i mostly read in the evening / after waking up.
    But on weekends i sometimes sit on the sofa, but it’s easier to get distracted there. Like… people think they should talk to me cuz i’m there… πŸ˜€
    I pretty much exist in pyjamas whenever i’m at home. Like, from friday evening till monday morning it’s PJ time πŸ˜€

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  2. I totally get your need for comfort. I’m the same way. I also insist on having a mug of coffee beside me at all times. Whether I drink it or not depends on how engaging the book is. I she’s not much of a cuddler but she enjoys rubbing against my kindle when I’m trying to read. It’s a good thing she’s cute, you wouldn’t believe how many pages she turns when she does that.

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  3. I do most of my reading from bed in the evening. I do always take my ipad with me when I go out though, and usually manage to get in some reading whilst the kids are doing jiu jitsu or swimming. Luckily I can read anywhere.

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  4. I totally get the not lounging in jeans!! I am lucky at work and we don’t have a dress code so I even wear sweats and leggings to work most days! I have a giant beanbag at home that I like to cuddle up on and read. (its huge, its like half of a full size bed big and super comfy)

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  5. I’m all in for comfort. Lounge pants and cosy tops are definitely my thing. My dislike for anything tight has sky rocketed over the years. πŸ˜‚
    I prefer reading in bed and in silence. The only noise allowed is an occasional bark of my one year old sheltie.. 🐢❀️

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  6. I refuse to wear pants at home. Pjs and sweats for me! I usually sit in my chair in the living room when I read. Sometimes in bed with my booklight.

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  7. I mostly read at night before I go to bed. I absolutely hate to stop reading in the middle of a chapter. I mean it makes my skin itch. I prefer to read an ebook over a paper book. I read faster and more often that way. I always wear comfy clothes at home, but that has nothing to do with reading habits.

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  8. I like to read in bed or on the couch when everyone else is asleep. It’s easier for me to focus but I can just about tune out noise if I’m really engrossed in the book.

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  9. I envy everyone that said read in bed. My reading time is stolen moments here and there throughout the day … Or I read in the car in carpool for almost an hour. I need more time in the day LOL

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  10. If I’m reading for any length of time then I like to be cosy. With my pj bottoms or shorts and fluffy socks. However I have been know to have my feet up on my desk, lolling back in my chair, sat reading. Good job I work for myself πŸ™‚

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