The Music Shop: A Book Review



2.5 disco balls

Expected publication: January 2, 2018 by Random House

The cover grabbed my attention and the book synopsis was definitely interesting. I am an avid music fan and was excited to see where author, Rachel Joyce, was going to take us with her novel, The Music Shop. It had such great potential, but I found myself more disappointed than engaged at times. 

Frank, the owner of The Music Shop, is known for his knack of matching a song with a person in need. He has changed people’s lives whether through exposing them to music they didn’t know existed or by opening up his music shop to other’s who find it a place of comfort. Frank is always giving support, but cannot take it. His upbringing with his mother Peg, was nontraditional and the source of his communication hindrances.

In walks a stranger, Ilsa, who causes Frank to feel for the first time in a long time. Frank becomes the one who needs the saving, and from there we have the building story of Frank and Isla and the characters in-between.

It took me a bit of time to get into the book, I felt it was dragging in the beginning. Once I got 25% through I was interested in the mysterious girl in the green coat, Isla, and how her character was going to play out in Frank’s life. It slowed down yet again for me around the 70% mark and I was reading the rest because I had already come this far.

The problem for me with this story is that it was mostly depressing. Music for me is an outlet and you can listen to it when you are happy/mad/sad, etc. but it is to usually lift you up: I did not get that from this book.

The ending to me felt rushed. At one point we flash forward 21 years and some things that are referenced I didn’t believe would be the same after that much time.

The coolest thing about this book was the musical references and often the history behind how the music was made or how it was received. There is actually a Spotify playlist that highlights all the songs showcased – there are some great tunes there.

All in all, it was well written I just wasn’t into the story.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.


20 thoughts on “The Music Shop: A Book Review

  1. I don’t know if I would have stuck with a book after 20%. I probably would have but skipped a few pages here and there. (Is that like a major confession?!)

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  2. I’ve had books where they were slow in the beginning but I stuck with them and ended up in enjoying them but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Sorry it was a bummer.

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