Talk to Me Tuesdays

1st Tuesday topic I want your input on:  Audiobooks

  1. Do you count them as a ‘read’ book? And, do you also count them as a read book in your goodreads reading challenge?
  2. Could you read a book faster than listening to it?
  3. Do you find yourself constantly rewinding as your thoughts may wander off while you are supposed to be listening?
  4. Are you less invested in a book when you listen to it rather than read it?
  5. Do you find your book reviews for audiobooks have a lower rating average versus books you have read?
  6. Do you think audible is worth $14.95/month?

Tell me all your thoughts on audiobooks!

18 thoughts on “Talk to Me Tuesdays

  1. You bet your sweet patootie I mark as a “read” book! It definitely takes me longer to listen to a book than to read one in a more traditional manner. I try to listen to less intense books (intense being a book that requires close concentration) so if I do miss something it doesn’t matter quite as much. Sometimes I’m MORE invested in the audiobook version, I think it depends a lot upon the narrator.
    I’ve got the yearly Audible membership, so you pay like $100-ish for the whole year in one fell swoop. It feels a little more worth it to me, because there’s some more flexibility to carrying over credits. Also, I’m trying the free trial of the Audible Romance Package, which is $6.95 when you have an Audible Gold/Platinum membership (or Kindle Unlimited) versus $16-ish. I wish it was just included in the Audible membership, because then I would say the $15/month price point is definitely worth it.

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  2. 1. I DEFINITELY count it as read! How do you think I completed my reading challenge so quickly? 😉
    2. I could probably read a book faster than listening to it but my listening app allows me to speed up the voice, so sometimes I listen to it at a quicker pace. I agree with the previous comment, I really only listen to teen or childrens books. More “intense” books I prefer to read (with my eyes).
    3. So I don’t find my mind wandering too much because it’s pretty easy to follow along.
    4. Not necessarily.
    5. Not at all. However, I think it is very different. A bad narrator can totally ruin a book for me.
    6. I borrow for free from the library so not worth it for me!

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  3. 1. Sadly I don’t. I think you can get still enjoy a story with an audiobook, but I would still want to go back and physically read the book too.
    2. Yes, definitely – I’ve always been a speedy reader, whereas with listening, I have to focus constantly otherwise I’ll miss bits.
    3. Yes, as I mentioned!
    4. Again, yes; I always feel more captivated by a book if I’m physically reading it.
    5. I can’t really comment on this, as I don’t review audiobooks, only physical books.
    6. Definitely not! I buy my books from charity shops, borrow them off friends or the library to keep my costs down. I used the free trial of audible to get 2 free audiobooks, but I didn’t pay for it, and subsequently don’t use it anymore.

    Great questions! 🙂

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  4. 1. I definitely count it as a read too.
    2. Although I can read books a lot faster, even if I speed it up, so I don’t listen to many.
    3. I don’t like to rewind things, but I think I’d miss too much if I didn’t
    4. Which is why I’m not that invested.
    5. Possibly- maybe if my enjoyment is lower because of all the aforementioned things. Although, I will say now that a lot of the books I’ve listened to have been non-fiction, which meant I wouldn’t have read them otherwise, so I counted it as a win.
    6. Nope!

    Awesome questions!

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  5. 1. Yes!!!
    2. Probably, but I listen to audiobooks when I can’t read (aka, my commute).
    3. Sometimes, but I’ve gotten good at pausing when I need to focus my thoughts on something else.
    4. Not at all. I’m definitely invested in my audiobooks.
    5. They’re pretty consistent!
    6. I check them out from my library, but audible is a great option!


  6. 1. Definitely!
    2. I can read them faster for the most part, but they are entertaining when doing chores or commuting.
    3. If I lose my place I tend to trudge on, but sometimes I rewind 🙂 I do prefer listening to books that don’t require all of my attention.
    4. My investment level usually depends on the narrator. If they can grip me, sometimes I might just sit down and listen –not multi-task.
    5. I haven’t noticed a difference… although how I feel about a book might change depending on the format.
    6. I do want to get audible eventually when I have some more play money every month, so I guess yes. Considering that audio CDs are SO EXPENSIVE, audible is a great alternative. Plus, who wants to use CDs anymore!?

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  7. 1) it totally counts as a “read” book! LOL
    2) I think I can read faster than an audio … But I’m not a big audio person and I am a slow reader. But the hour count on them is so long! I’m sure I can read it faster.
    3) YES! they few times I’ve listened I’ve had to go back I don’t think my focus is that great with audio.
    4) I don’t think so.
    5) *whispers I never reviewed an audio (please don’t judge me lol)
    6) for me no, But that’s because I’m not a big audio person…

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  8. 1. I definitely mark the book as read.
    2. I do typically read faster than listening to an audiobook.
    3. I only listen to audio books at work and I do have to replay parts occasionally.
    4. I don’t think so, but I do prefer reading.
    5. I haven’t noticed a difference.
    6. I don’t pay for audible… I’ll just one click a whispersynced book if I want to listen. I’ve considered an audible membership before.

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  9. I’ve never actually tried the audio book thing. I have a tendency to tune things out so I imagine I would spend a lot of time confused or rewinding.

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  10. I absolutely love audio books but they need the right narrator.
    I do count them as read in my challenges because I have still absorbed the same book, word for word.
    I don’t know if I could read a book faster. I am a fast reader so probably.
    I rarely have to rewind a piece to listen to it again but not often. I do often listen to books repeatedly because I enjoy the books so much. I also reread my eBooks regularly
    I am every bit as invested in an audio book and sometimes more absorbed. I enjoy them as much as a traditional book, sometimes more.
    I rate audio books differently to a standard book because there is more to rate. I rate the story and the work by the author and I rate the narrator on their ability to bring the book to life. Finally I give an overall rating on how the author and narrator bring the book to life as a team.
    Audible in America is more expensive than GB I pay £7.99 for my monthly credit (or £14.99 for 2 monthly credits.)

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  11. Of course, an audio is a book. I absolutely read faster listen. I tend to get more invested in an audio because I think it’s like like a book and a movie had a baby. I don’t pay attention to reviews anymore. With Scribd having unlimited audios now, 14.95 is too much. I think that is going to be a game changer. I don’t rewind too often, but I will admit to missing my exit more than once because I was too involved in the book.

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  12. I don’t have much experience with audiobooks. I’ve found them hard to get into. I guess that depends on the narrator though. Maybe I just need to find books with better narrators. I much prefer actually reading the book as opposed to listening to it though. I do count them towards books read.

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  13. Oh my gosh, this is a topic that appeals to my obsession!! I love audiobooks so much. Yes, I believe they count. You are still absorbing the story. As for reading faster/slower than normal – I think this all depends on the narrator. Some sound good when you speed up the narration, others … well, not so much. The price. I have paid for an Audible membership a couple times and suspended it a couple times. Lately, I have been purchasing Kindle copies that have Whispersync with them. Basically, you buy the Kindle copy and then get the audio download for a fraction of the normal cost. I have gotten some audio books for a couple dollars. Then I can either read it in the Kindle app and go back and forth with the narration or I can read in the Audible app and just do audio.

    I could go on and on about audiobooks but hopefully that answered most of your questions 🙂 I would love to chat narrators if you have some favorites!

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