SNR featured on Book after Book

I had the pleasure of having a bookish chat with fellow book blogger Silvia_Reads over at Book after Book. Check out our discussion here and see one of my many bookshelves (this one being the “most” organized).

Meet Siliva:  An Italian in England with her nose up towards the sky or buried in a book! We both have a love for Jodi Picoult, music, and obviously reading! Thank you Silivia_Reads for hosting me!

18 thoughts on “SNR featured on Book after Book

  1. Lovely post! I’m with ya on keeping the books pretty! Only started reading printed books this year after a 2 year of digital only, and the struggle is real…
    My kindle is often covered in peanut butter, but i can just wipe it off. Need to be more careful around my actual books 😀

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