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Book of the Month is asking its readers what reading is to them. Subscribers are filling out BOTM provided bookmarks and uploading their pictures on instagram. If you are interested in checking a few out search the hashtag: readingis

I would love to hear from followers, friends, book lovers what reading is to you. Include your “reading is” in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you all.  XO

Thank you BOTM for the inspiration, what a lovely idea!

Have you heard about Book of the Month? It’s a great way to discover new books you wouldn’t have found on your own. I love being a member, and I think you will too.

Get a free book when you join using my referral link. Happy reading!


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25 thoughts on “Reading Is…

  1. Reading to me is also an escape from reality and real life in general but reading has immensely helped me so much with my mental illness. I have read so many heartwarming uplifting beautiful stories that help me felt so much better in life and in my mind, I can tell you how many time I had the warm fuzzy feeling just picking up and reading a book and thinking in my mind eye all the wonderful and fascinating places the book takes you into, rather it be fantasy, sci-fi or romance books they all have wonderful and beautiful places set in the book. That is what reading is to me, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post-Nikki.

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  2. Like Bentley, reading is an escape. There’s an old “disco” song from the 70’s, I think, called Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. I’ve always seen books that way.

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