Book Review: The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian


3.5 disco balls

Publish date: March 13, 2018 by Doubleday Books
Category: Fiction, Thriller, Suspense

I am a super fan of thriller/suspense reads and enjoy trying to be a super sleuth at the turn of each chapter. I especially enjoy those bombshells that I do not see coming: the start of this ending did just that! Why the 3.5? I can’t fully explain without giving it away, but the end of the ending – versus the start of it – left me perplexed. I do think this is still worth a read, so that we can discuss your thoughts!

While on an overnight in Dubai, flight Attendant Cassie Bowden wakes up extremely hungover and next to her dead one night stand. She decides she will handle things when she gets back to the states and leaves the hotel without telling anyone of what she discovered. The rest, well you will have to read to find out.

Did Cassie do it? If she didn’t: who did and why did they spare her? Who really was this man she lay next to? Who can she trust? Can she even trust herself? Cassie is a drunk and her decision making skills are certainly lacking; often times you want to shake some sense into her. She was a character you had a love/hate relationship with; which in my opinion paired well with the plot build up.

It is a slow moving read (not negative): due to the strong emphasis placed on the build up described above. Author Chris Bohjalian is certainly talented. I do recommend to suspense/thriller fans.

Have you read ‘The Flight Attendant’? Do you enjoy suspense/thrillers? If so, can you recommend your favorite?

Thank you Doubleday for sending me a free copy of this book! I expressed interest in reading it through an Instagram story and two days later it was at my doorstep.
I am super appreciative! XO


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16 thoughts on “Book Review: The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

  1. Great review, and I do love a good thriller but I get frustrated if its pace isn’t pretty quick. However this does sound like a good story.

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  2. Great review Nikki, I absolutely love thriller/mystery books as well and I really loved Chris Bohjalian book The Guest Room too but I am really intrigued and curious about The Flight Attendant. I might check it out one day and see if I like it or not, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

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