Book Review: The Red Lotus by Chris Bohjalian

Author Bohjalian is a talented storyteller: you can tell how much research he put into the story and the result was a well crafted, thought provoking thriller.
– Nikki, Saturday Nite Reader


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Pub Date: March 17, 2020 by Doubleday
Category: Thriller, Suspense

I read most of the book while commuting on the PATH train and let me tell you, there was this one scene I couldn’t get to my office fast enough to wash my hands for what felt like 10 minutes. The dude next to me had BOTH hands on the pole and I wanted to warn him of the germs on that thing!

Do I have your attention now? Ok, good. The Red Lotus brought out my inner hypochondriac (think Station Eleven) and I will never look at a rat the same ever. I share the city with them and pay them no mind, but this book will have you feeling otherwise.

ER Nurse Alexis meets Austin one night repairing a bullet wound in his arm. They hit it off and are dating 6 months when they both travel to Vietnam for a bike tour. Alexis will make it home, Austin will not. Alexis feels like she is the only one who thinks what happened to Austin was not an accident and she moonlights as a detective trying to piece together the life she knew, to the one she didn’t, of the man she was falling in love with. Whatever happened to Austin, funky stuff is happening in both the US and Vietnam and what she discovers, well….read and find out!

A bit of a slow start but once I broke through pg. 50 it was a page turner for me!

If I could sum up this book in 3 emojis: 🎯🚲🐀

Have you read a Bohjalian book before? I read The Flight Attendant and am excited about its TV adaptation!

I received an advanced readers copy of this book through Mystery Book Club hosted on Instagram by Jordy’s Book Club & Boston Book Fanatic


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The Red Lotus Chris Bohjalian Author

16 thoughts on “Book Review: The Red Lotus by Chris Bohjalian

  1. I had to laugh at your handrail comment. As the mum of a child who is immunodeficient you’d be shocked at the germs you don’t think about – on money, shopping trolley/basket handles, lift buttons, public taps (you turn them on, wash your hands and then turn them off again reconnecting with the germs), I’m glad most are now touch free. Great review, the book sounds really good.

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  2. I love the cover and your intro had me laughing. Whenever I’m standing on the subway I don’t have the balance to not lean or hold onto something and I always have to scrub my hands when I get home. 😂

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  3. I put this one on my ‘maybe’ list, but now I really really want to read it. And I already have a copy of “Station Eleven” that hasn’t gotten any attention yet. Thinking I need to get on that now though. Thanks! 😀

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