Book Review: A Double Life by Flynn Berry


3 disco balls

Publish Date: July 31, 2018 by Viking
Category: Suspense, Mystery, Thriller

Want to read upcoming new releases before they hit the shelves? Join Penguin Random House’s First to Read program – its free – to gain access to a variety of books. That is how I was able to read A Double Life by Flynn Berry.

I am a huge fan of suspense novels that when I read the synopsis for A Double Life I guaranteed my spot to access it.

The build-up and suspense author Flynn Berry created in the beginning through three-quarters the way through this book was incredible. After finishing a chapter and wanting to see what would happen next, the next chapter would flashback in time and I knew I would have to wait to find out. This format kept me turning page after page.

Claire is in her early thirties and hasn’t seen her father in twenty-six years. He may still be out there in the world and she can’t rest easy knowing this. He disappeared after her mother’s attempted murder: one in which he is the prime suspect. He plead his innocence through his friend’s whom would be investigated for helping him escape: they denied everything and were never charged. Claire asks herself these questions more often than not: Do his friends know where he is? Did her dad really try to kill her mother or was her mother mistaken? Was her dad more of the man his friends painted him to be or what her mother accused?

Claire stalks her dad’s friends and is obsessed with finding out what happened to her father. Will she find out the truth? What danger will she face along the way? What will her knowing cost her?

After getting to the crux of the story I felt a bit disappointed. There was no twist, no “hold your breath” part that I was waiting on the edge of my seat for. It was a page turner and a fast read I will give the book that: it was just missing a strong ending. That thrilling feeling that built had no where to go, I am still a bit bummed out.

I don’t regret reading it or wish for that time back. If you read it, let me know so we can discuss!


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16 thoughts on “Book Review: A Double Life by Flynn Berry

  1. How annoying. It feels like such a waste of time when you commit to the whole book and the ending is disappointing. Great review. Fingers crossed for a great 5 disco balls next time.

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