Saturday Nite Reader’s Bookish Gift Guide

Getting ready for the holidays and need gift inspiration for your favorite book lovers? You’ve come to the right place: books and shopping for gifts are two of my favorite things! Here are a few ideas to get you started (also, to my friends and family…hint, hint)

Before we start here is a helpful hint: with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and a bunch of holiday sales never purchase anything without looking for a coupon code! If there isn’t one advertised on the website, check out (you’re welcome 😘)

Bookish Candles from Frostbeard Studio ($6 – $18)

Who doesn’t love candles? And now they can match your favorite book scents. I personally own Rainy Day Reads, Bookworm, and Winter Keep.

Bookish Totes ($8 – $24)

You can never have enough totes. Check these cute ones out! My ultimate favorite – which I obviously bought myself – is “The book was better” from Barnes & Noble (currently on sale for $7.47, get one before the sale ends!)

Bookish Mugs ($10 – $36)

One can also never have enough mugs; especially bookish mugs. We just love to take pictures of our coffee/tea along with the book we are reading for bookstagram. The cuter the mug, the better. I personally own Resting Book Face, and the Kate Spade Bookshelf travel mug which I snagged at TJMaxx for $9.99 – keep your eyes peeled for one!

Protect Your Loved Ones Books with a Book Sleeve! ($10 – $22)

Great gift for commuters or readers who always carry a book with them. Assorted patterns and options available. Best place to search for your proffered pattern is Etsy. There are way too many cute ones, its going to be hard to pick just one!

Book Inspired Artwork ($17 – $26)

You can’t go wrong with a Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen print (2nd image): they are divine! Etsy and Emily McDowell are also great sites to check out.

Set the Reading Mood with Comfy PJs, Socks & a Blanket ($10 – $25)

Setting a reading mood is important. First a comfy setting (pjs, socks, blanket) with your favorite beverage by your side (in your bookish mug) then light your new bookish candle and voilà all you need is a good book! Now where to get that good book…

Book of the Month Subscription ($45 – $150)

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 6.04.24 PM

Your giftee will get to choose from 5 new books every month. Many times the book selections feature a pre-released book. I love my Book of the Month subscription: who doesn’t love book mail?!

Don’t Lose Track of Your Borrowed Books Again! ($30)


That is if you lend them out 😉

I love putting gifts together for my friends and family. If you need any further inspiration, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly for some ideas. I would be happy to help!



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Please note: this post contains Amazon and B&N affiliate links. If you purchase this book through the links above I will earn a small fee; at no additional cost to you. This will help me purchase more books to read and recommend to you all!

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