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Since November 2017 – when I created an Instagram for Saturday Nite Reader –  I have posted 325 book photos! I am not a photography expert but try to capture the essence: “books are home decor.” 😉

Here are a few of my favorites, new and old:

My first book photo:

Leggings: check, Coffee: check, Comfy reading spot: check

Love and Rainbows:

I love the covers of this series, they are beautiful!

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Crazy Rich Asians by @kevinkwanbooks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 💎 This was a super fun read! It was like I was reading a soap opera versus watching one; with a plethora of characters who were just what the book described: crazy! Overbearing, meddling and judgy moms whose circles run the same. 💎 My goodness the things some of these characters do just because of what everyone thinks, not what they want. You kind of feel bad for them, but at the same time lack empathy for them – as they are super rich – and would trade places with them any day. 💎 The book starts off with Rachel Chu and Nick Young planning to spend the summer with Nick's family in Asia. What Rachel doesn't know is that Nick is actually an heir to a massive fortune and his family is very, very rich. Nick does not prepare Rachel for what she is about to endure (think Mean Girls, but more ruthless). 💎 But, its not just about their love story. There are so many families that at first I was so confused, but there is a family tree before the book starts that I found myself turning to a few times to figure out how all these people were related. You will get the hang of it at some point. 💎 Note: There were a lot of footnotes in the beginning (translating slang or providing definitions) that I got a bit distracted. I appreciated them, but it slowed me down in the beginning. Once I got the hang of them the book moved quickly. 💎 CRA is the 1st book in a series of 3. I loved what they did with the paperback covers that I wound up buying another copy of CRA (I originally had the hardcover) so I could have the complete uniform set (my books need to match, I know that is weird but whatever). 💎 BOOK TO MOVIE ALERT: CRA is out August 15th of this year, featuring Hollywood's first all Asian cast in 25 years! . . #saturdaynitereader #igreads #recommendedread #epicreads #reader #readersofinstagram #bookcover #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #ilovebooks #bibliophile #bookworm #bookphotography #mybookfeatures #crazyrichasians #kevinkwan #booktomovie #fiction #summerreading #summerreads

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My most creative set-up:

My most liked photo (have no clue why?! but I’ll take it!)

Before my dog, Kobe, got his teeth on this book…sigh

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  1. you are definitely a smashing bookstagrammer;;; i keep thinking about adding more photos but get lost in the reading of the books.. this post of yours inspired me to get serious about bookstagramming..

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