Audiobook Review: 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne


2.75 stars
I gave an additional .25 for including the Epilogue of The Hating Game

Published: January 29, 2019 by William Morrow
Narrated by: Jayme Mattler, HarperAudio
Length: 11 hours 23 minutes
Category: Romance, Chick-lit, Womens Fiction

It was okay, it could have been way better. I was disappointed in how flat it fell.

It left me more irritated than love sick. What a bummer.

I won’t give away spoilers, but will say I am over the self deprecating female trope. I’m not good enough for him, I am so lucky he picked me…blah blah blah. And, why would having short hair make someone less beautiful than someone who didn’t?! I want to rant about a few other things but no spoilers from me…you get my point.

– Thorne does write a male lead well; Tom is certainly swoon worthy I’ll give him that
– I like the book cover
– The narrator did a good job, I wonder what she was thinking as she was recording this book. I am so curious!

There were a few cringe worthy dialogue scenes that didn’t feel realistic to me: not the banter – which I enjoyed – but more serious conversations. As a fan of The Hating Game I think my expectations were just as high, if not higher for this one.

You win some, you lose some. If you read this – or want to read it – I hope you enjoy it! Come back and tell me what you thought (but please mind for spoilers).

Have you ever set too high of expectations going into a book? How do/did you manage?


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16 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

  1. I’ve seen this book all over Twitter and in the book community but this is the first review I’ve read for it. It was a book I was thinking of reading but now I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m so over the self-deprecating female trope as well *sigh* why can’t we just have a female who knows her worth and acts like it?? And cringe-worthy dialogue is always a firm no from me. Great review!

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  2. I am so nervous to read this. I loved The Hating Game and this one is getting awful reviews. I guess it’s hard to come off of a successful first novel, especially when people have high expectations because the first was so good.

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  3. Reminds me of when I was 16 and ad my hair cut short. The lad I was dating dumped me because he only dated girls with long hair – good riddance I said. Not sure this would be a book for me either as it would probably irritate me too.

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