Audiobook Review: Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren


5 disco balls

Publish date: October 22, 2019 by Gallery Books
Length: 9 hours and 30 minutes, narrated by Erin Mallon
Category: Contemporary Romance, Chick-lit

This was my first audiobook with and I am super thankful I was able to listen to it as part of their Influencer ALC program (Audiobook Listening Copies). I ate it up and finished in less than 3 days: which is no surprise as Christina Lauren romances are my jam.

This love story reminds me of when I was a tween playing with my Barbie & Ken dolls. After watching General Hospital with my mom (what is Sonny taking to look the same 20 yrs later) I would think up the most outlandish storylines of how Ken had to win over Barbie. Twice in a Blue Moon was reminiscent of those times: a bit over the top like the Pretty Woman love story but you still watch it, love it, and root for them every time.

Tate, the secret daughter of today’s George Clooney – just a big jerk version – travels to London and has a whirlwind two week romance with hunky farm hand Sam…thats almost a cowboy so I’m like 😍.  She’s been living a Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego life until the one person she dropped her guard for gave up her whereabouts which changed her life forever (breaking her heart to boot, punk).

Fast forward a decade and Tate is a famous actress – still with a jerk of a dad – who lands the role of a lifetime. Guess who wrote the screenplay? Ummm Sam duh. 😉 How the heck is Sam going to explain himself? Read/listen to find out.

Christina Lauren books are reliably fun and quick page turners. I highly recommend.


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Twice in a Blue Moon Christina Lauren Author

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