Book Review: Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore

“People think it’s all snakes and scorpions out there in the oil patch but hell, those are the most harmless things in the country. At least the rattlesnakes let you know they’re coming.” – Karla, Valentine


4 disco balls

Pub Date: March 31, 2020 by Harper
Category: Historical Fiction

A powerful, emotion fueled debut novel that is deserving of a read.

I’m speechless and will be suffering from a book hangover for some time. From the first chapter this book had my nerves twisted and heart racing.

It’s the 70’s in Odessa, TX, a male dominated town where oil and cows rule and women should know their place…it’s a man’s world and a woman is just living in it.

We meet Gloria, a young girl who is raped and left for dead. Her strength is beyond any of these men, but she will need to rediscover just how strong she is. Mary Rose filled with rage, grieves the loss of Gloria’s and her own innocence, or the realization that innocence and safety were never a given. Corrine is a town staple, newly widowed with no desire to keep going. A young girl, Debra Ann, struggles with her mother leaving home with no one fully responsible for her well-being. And, several supporting characters who are also lonely and angry at being ignored, overlooked. Will these women find peace?

In a book club? I recommend adding this to your list.

My 2¢: the book cover is stunning and captures the imagery set forth in the book perfectly.


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Valentine Elizabeth Wetmore Author

17 thoughts on “Book Review: Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore

  1. Thanks! I’m going to pre-order through B&N. Is this a book best read when you’re not already feeling way down in the dumps?


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