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I had the pleasure of answering a few questions – with a few other bookstagrammers – about Instagram burnout for fellow book blogger Marcia over at Trendy Simple Life. Check out Marcia’s experience with Instagram burnout and how she recommends taking your power back! ย feature image credit: Trendy Simple Life

Meet Marcia

I am lucky to call Marcia a friend. I’ve known her since 2008 and have spent the last 2 years attending Marcia’s monthly book club. She takes the most beautiful book photos and is my young adult genre guru. She writes very thoughtful reviews on all genres so I recommend you check her out!

Let’s talk social media burnout. Do you find yourself staring at your phone more than you are engaging face-to-face with people (or avoiding errands and the like)? I work full time and books are my hobby; I use a majority of my free time to try and keep up with all the books I want to read. I really love blogging, but know that Instagram can be a necessary evil in the book community. I find myself spending way too much of my free time on #bookstagram: I need to gain some of that time back to read more books…and sometimes not read.

I mean my laundry has been piling up and I have a habit of neglecting it for longer than I should, oh and lets not forget how much I dislike grocery shopping so any excuse to put that off is one I take (I need to get myself together!). I don’t have the right answers on how to maintain balance, I am still trying to figure that out. But, I guess the first step is awareness of it, so I am on the right track. ๐Ÿ˜‰

A huge THANK YOU to Marcia for starting this conversation. Don’t forget to check out her post.

Where do you prefer to read reviews and/or learn about books? Blogs? Instagram? Goodreads? Facebook? Twitter? All the above? None of the above? Do you find yourself spending a bit more time than you would like on social media? Talk to me!

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9 thoughts on “SNR featured on Trendy Simple Life

  1. I’m not a bookstagrammer. I really have only so much time to myself that I read, twitter sometimes, and FB rarely. I have a hard enough time keeping up with emails and review requests than I do anything else. I do what I can, but I do not think that becoming so popular that I’m almost famous for things is important, so I guess I put more thought into my reviews and posts than anything else.

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  2. I tend to post tour Bookstagram posts and occasionally create my own pictures but I am not talented at taking pictures. I tend to focus on my blog. When I create a blog post it automatically posts to my Facebook and Twitter blogs. I do think that it can get mentally exhausting if I spend too much time on the computer.


  3. Ugh… Twitter is my biggest time sink. I love staying in the conversation, but sometimes I certainly wish I had more willpower to put the phone down and just read! ๐Ÿ™‚


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