Audiobook Review: The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker


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Publish date: August 7, 2018 by Atria Books
Length: 12 hours and 34 minutes, narrated by Rebekkah Ross, Simon & Schuster Audio
Category: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

I LOVED this book! I think I may trade in my cowboys for Alaskan Yeti’s, or maybe this one particular yeti who happens to be referred to as a sky cowboy…so essentially its the same and my love of cowboys remains intact. HA!

Calla’s mom – miserable in Alaska – moved her to Toronto when she was a young child leaving her father – the love of her life – behind. She thought her husband would come for them, and he thought they would come back, essentially the great divide causing them to start new lives. Calla hasn’t seen her dad in over a decade and receives word that he is gravely ill. Hesitantly she makes the trek to Alaska to see him.

Alaska, where open toed wedges, skimpy running gear, and makeup aren’t the necessities one really needs. If Calla isn’t reminded of this every day, she has hunky space cowboy Jonah to remind her. Their dislike for each other casts a fury of fire that might not be hate at all. Will Calla fall for the Alaskan and fall too deep to the same tune as her mother? No more details from me, I can see myself getting excited and blabbing more but that would spoil your reading experience so I’ll zip it.

It is more than a love story. The family dynamic pulled at my heartstrings and I was sobbing in the car upon listening to the last two chapters of the audio while driving to work. I simply loved the characters the author brought to life.

I did think it was YA at first, as the tone set by the narrator for Calla gave me that vibe, but would learn it is a bit racy for YA. 😉

No matter, its a page turning or in my case audio binging read! I just learned that there is a sequel coming in March 2020 and I CANNOT WAIT!

Have you read K.A. Tucker? Do tell!


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The Simple Wild K.A. Tucker Author

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