Audiobook Review: Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

“Why can’t everyone be like you?”
I can be enough of your world that it feels like everyone is.


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Publish date: April 10, 2017 by Gallery Books
Length: 8 hours and 22 minutes, narrated by Erin Mallon
Category: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

When I discovered Christina Lauren books this summer I devoured The Unhoneymooners, Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Dating, and Roomies. I needed more of them and chose Love and Other Words next.

I will admit I was super hesitant to start it because I try to avoid love triangles and the like. It breaks my heart when someone has to pick between two people and the person left behind makes me cry (unless that person is a total tool). But, I took the plunge and gave this a go. Elliot was swoon worthy a few chapters in: this author duo knows how to write a charming character!

Shy, reserved Macy, and an outgoing Elliot are best friends who “grow up” together and eventually fall in love (well not eventually, they’ve been in love since day 1 just too foolish to say it out loud). Their story seemed perfect (Elliot being the only person who would break Macy out of her shell), but on the night that Elliot declares his love for her, he breaks her heart ten times harder and Macy will disappear from his life.

Fast forward a decade later and an engaged Macy runs into Elliot unexpectedly. Elliot doesn’t want another decade to go by and hunts her down at work. Elliot would rather Macy in his life as a friend, than not have her in his life at all. Yeah…they try that friend thing and well you can imagine how that goes.

My tears did not remain intact and there were many shed once Elliot finds out why Macy ghosted on him after that fateful night.

It is probably one of my favorite of theirs, but they are all my favorite. 😉 I just love this duo writing team!

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Have you read Christina Lauren? Have an author/series you’ve recently binged? Do tell!


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Love and Other Words Christina Lauren Author

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